Let’s Talk Christmas Roadshow at Friendly Friday

Traducción próximamente.Friendly Friday has been around for a while helping to create connections between sole traders and small enterprises, sharing vital information and making networking happen. Thanks to them, many of us have made friends and acquaintances who eventually become clients and customers.

On Friday, for their most recent edition, they organised a Christmas Roadshow instead of the usual meeting. Businesses and organisations offered their services at stalls all over Just the Tonic, the comedy club that has been renting its installations to Beckie Sanderson from Engage Multimedia (the mastermind of Friendly Friday) for the past few meetings.


The showcase was sponsored by TaxAssist Accountants, owned by Tejinder Gawera and able to assist small business with their contributions from the start. Tej was there giving advice on tax and accounting, along free chocolates to make such bitter topics taste sweeter.

Kate Cowan from Spring to Action was there with information on financial and professional help for start ups. From personal experience, I testify she can give you moral support and shake your head upside down – not literally, mind you. I’d be even more lost in the woods without her. 🙂

Other heavily-involved people included Clare Walker from Clare Walker Consultancy, Paul Kaerger from Paul Kaerger Management Solutions and Karl Craig-West from Buswebs. They bring a lot of fun and joy to the meetings and this time was no exception. Karl was walking around with his Santa hat and Paul gave away an accidental sample of his Leicester accent.

Clare educates and trains people about domestic abuse and, recently, started to incorporate self-care into her work. She offers beauty products so former victims can take care of their well-being through pampering. She’s also using comedy as a new tool for teaching and sharing: she’s collaborating with Hathi Productions to present The Black and Blue Monologues on the 12th of February as part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.

I barely took any pictures as we arrived quite late, but here they are.

This is Amanda from Crystalitzy, self-adhesive body jewellery with Swarovski crystals:

Amanda from Crystalitzy, self-adhesive body jewellery with Swarowski crystals.

Some Crystalitzy products:

Some Crystalitzy products

Iridescence, Sam Houghton’s jewellery shop:


Angela Linnett from Serenity Holistics Leicester gave me a delicious hand massage. Very recommended to those who are always typing on the computer or smartphone.

Rebecca Skinner from Moneywise had a lot of tips about housing, banking, utilities, crafting and cooking on a budget; focused on social housing tenants. Including some well-needed Christmas shopping ideas.

Oh, and Greg Harris was painting live!

Greg Harris

I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten or missed plenty of people, but I will talk about them one way or another in upcoming posts.

I hope your Saturday is nice and peaceful and that your Fridays stay friendly next year.

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