Seed Creativity Mingle with the Media

Traducción próximamente.Friday was a busy day in terms of networking and seeing familiar faces in Leicester. While the morning and afternoon belonged to Friendly Friday, the early evening was all about Seed Creativity‘s Mingle with the Media.

Dan Lamoon and Jon Prest have worked together as founders of Seed Creativity since 2008. As well as being a creative design agency, Seed offers training for younger people who are eager to enter the industry. They work closely with De Montfort University, and they facilitate a module for third-year students. As part of this module, Creative Media Entrepreneurship, Dan and Jon arranged an event at the mezzanine of the Curve theatre where undergraduates and graduates could meet influential groups and potential leads.

Mingle with the Media was organised in partnership with some of the boldest names in the local industry. One of them was Citizens’ Eye, community news consultancy that trains citizen journalists and supports neighbourhood-based publications and theme-specific agencies.

Art by a DMU student
Art by a DMU student.

Leicester is involved with somewhereto_, the national organisation that helps 16-25s to find a place where they can follow their hobbies and vocations for free. They have borrowed libraries, galleries, gardening spaces, screen rooms, hotdesks, magazines, websites, a shopping centre store and even stalls at the market; anything to push young people into achieving their dreams from an early stage in their lives.

LCB Depot, the creative hub just around the corner in the Culture Quarter, talked about their workrooms, gallery, meeting rooms and their sparkling new coffee shop and kitchen. It’s necessary to mention that they offer business development courses for entrepreneurs of all levels; including the Creative Enterprise Hub, a nine-month programme that includes constant mentoring and free access to office facilities either at LCB Depot or Phoenix Square.

The café at Phoenix Square has its healthy dose of networking every Wednesday: if one week you don’t find yourself ogling at illustration portfolios at Creative Coffee, then you’re comparing sizes and colours of Raspberry Pi boards at Leicester Tech Startups Open Coffee. Either way, you’re having fun, talking to people, and perhaps meeting your entrepreneurial soulmate!

Nope, I'm not a photographer. Maybe you are?
Nope, I’m not a photographer. Maybe you are?

Of course I wasn’t the only one who had the Friendly Friday  – Seed Media combo: Kate from Spring to Action teleported all the way from Just the Tonic and remained fresh as a daisy. Tobias Gould from WISE changed a few minds about the definition of a social enterprise: it’s NOT necessarily a charity shop. It can be a business of any nature as long as it gives back to the community. If you’re a student and you want to volunteer for a good cause using any of your skills and strengths, talk to him.

My discovery of the night was Creative Leicestershire. They had plenty of information about freelancing in the creative industry, but more inclined towards arts: their doors are open to visual artists, craft makers, printmakers and creative writers. You can access their directories if you are looking for courses and workshops, creative services or your next favourite artist.

No wonder the students looked so happy and fascinated. This was a brilliant opportunity to connect them with the outside world before coming out of their educational incubator. Not many organisations nor universities prepare their children for the big, brave world. Some of them were already quite involved with their soon-to-be alma mater, and thanks to the help of courses and events like the ones offered by Seed Creativity and friends, they will absolutely come out readier than their previous generations. I’m a bit jealous of them. 😛

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