Reporte UK: Lusts


As you may know, I collaborate for La Pop Life, a Mexican website on popular music and everything about it. They have weekly sections or “international reports” where different people in different countries share their latest findings and events. My turn with Reporte UK is once a fortnight, and I share the space with the magnificent Samuel Valdés from Sloucher.

Thanks to popular request, every time my article for Reporte UK goes online, I will publish the English translation here. Bands have been asking for translations so they get to know what we say about them, so here it is. For the original reports, please, please visit La Pop Life. It’s also a great way for you to find out what’s going on in other places like the USA, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and — of course — México.

This week belongs to Lusts, two brothers from my neck of the woods who have been recently discovered by specialised media. For your reference and delight, here is the original article in Spanish.

Plural lust from Leicester.

Brothers Andy and James Stone are fans of the 80s sound. So much, that their most recent single shares name with a classic from New Order: “Temptation”.

However, in contrast to the optimist and dancefloor-murdering synths from the survivors of Joy Division, this new song borrows early The Cure’s lo-fi and Jesus and Mary Chain’s daydream, all as if it were recorded on a wobbly cassette tape.

Their pop is a dark kind, like it belonged to someone who would shiver in cold after not being able to pay the gas bill in Margaret Thatcher times, but still kept on dancing. Ah, and with a thick local accent.

So far, they barely have two gigs under their belts, but they have already got the attention of publications such as the NME and The Line of Best Fit; and they are now part of the regular schedule of BBC 6 Music.

In March they are going on a nationwide tour with Coves, and they will see what it’s like to play on stages in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow and Manchester, amongst other places near and far from the final destination of Richard III.

Their double single comes out on the 2nd of March, with “Temptation” on one side and “Cross” on another, with the label 1965 Records. For now you can listen to these songs, along with “Waves” and “Sometimes”, through their Soundcloud account. They are just four recorded tracks, but we expect them to bring more, with more good news and perhaps some LP on the way.

Other translated editions of Reporte UK: ist.

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