Reporte UK: The Mirror Trap


As with every other Monday, last week I shared my latest British music findings with La Pop Life. This Mexican-based website is heavily invested in broadcasting acts and events from around the world; and they have representatives across Latin America, Europe and the USA. I just saw Placebo play live at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, and enjoyed the opening band so much that I had to spread the love. They are called The Mirror Trap, and here is a translation of my report about them.

As usual, you can access the original text in Spanish directly on the website.

Scottish rock, with the support of Placebo and adoration of Russia.

From their beginnings, The Mirror Trap have based their existence in the admiration and respect for those who have filled the world with romance. Their members – singer Gary “The Panther” Moore, guitar players Michael “John” McFarlane and Paul Markie, drummer Paul “Drums” Reilly, and bassist Ben Doherty– got together in 2009 when they were studying music and they would frequently stumble upon each other at gigs and other events.

In those days, the national success of the band The View seemed to put Dundee on the map. Suddenly, several bands from this small Scottish city began to form in order to take advantage of people’s attention. Most of them crumbled a couple of years later, and in The Panther’s words, “only the weirdos were left”.

They call themselves “musical perverts”, and they watch the whole Jools Holland show like a religious service. They soak up everything they see and listen to, from Queens of the Stone Age to Radiohead, Joy Division, The Cure and The Smiths. Not only do they love music and attend gigs like the rest of us, but they wait for their idols and approach them at the end.

They became friends with The View and they opened for them a few times, before releasing their first LP, The Last Great Melodrama (2011). They won a contest to do the same for Deacon Blue, winning the attention and lust of several older ladies. In 2012 they played at T in the Park, released The Visible Hand EP and recorded a live session with Vic Galloway for BBC Scotland.

That year they were discovered by promoter Lee Wilkie, who took up the gauntlet of managing them alongside Dave Mclean from Riverman Management, Placebo‘s management house. Once they got Brian Molko’s attention, they established a charming relationship in which they’ve opened for the London trio/duo in several occasions, including a complete tour around eight cities in Russia during the summer of 2014, a tour in which they took the chance to advertise their second LP,  Stay Young. They made such an impression in that country, that they received drawings and collages, gratitude in unison from the audience, and even marriage proposals.

This year, The Mirror Trap are still opening for Molko and his colleagues around the United Kingdom, hanging out with fans and enjoying as much as they can with every visit. They have already quit their jobs to dedicate themselves one hundred percent to music. They can’t always afford to dine and sleep, so they seize tours to the max.

On February 2015 they released Silent Men EP, and they keep introducing new songs live every night.  “Piranhas”, for example, has been a great favourite.

To listen more and buy their material, merchandise, and perhaps get them some tacos, follow them through Facebook and Bandcamp. If you want to read more about them and learn their lyrics, visit their Blogspot.

The Mirror Trap live, opening for Placebo, De Montfort Hall, Leicester, 16 March 2015.
The Mirror Trap live, opening for Placebo, De Montfort Hall, Leicester, 16 March 2015.

Their tour with Placebo ended in late March, and now they are locked in the studio working on a sparkling new LP. Hopefully they will tour on their own and play in your home town pretty soon.

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