Buena Vida Presenta: First Crush

Buena Vida Presenta First Crush

About five years ago, I wrote a short story in Spanish and turned it into a zine. It was the first in a series called Buena Vida Presenta, in which I was meant to live my fantasy and write as a career and as the only thing to do in life. A good life indeed. The story was called Santa Belleza, and it was about the way a struggling family of Mexicans in Los Angeles prayed to their favourite film star to cure their child from a terminal disease. Spoiler alert: it sort of worked.

Without even thinking about plots and arch themes, I wrote a very-delayed second story for the series. The first one entirely and originally in English, and the first one to be available both online and offline.

This one is called First Crush, and was created after a conversation with Farhana Shaikh and Ishi Kahn-Jackson (also known as Ishi Kahn-Cancún to the clueless who love the seaside) at Creative Coffee. Someone confessed they had their first celebrity crush well into their adulthood, and someone else told them not to feel embarrassed about it, as “you are never too old to have your first celebrity crush”.

The protagonist in the story knows this, but is still a bit embarrassed. She’s old, she’s been married and widowed, and she has never been with anyone but her husband. Still, one can dream, and that’s what she does while being part of a race against oblivion and obsolescence she has been running all of her life.

To conveniently download this short story/zine, just click on the image above or click on this text right here. It will take you to the PDF on my Drive, so you can download it, print it, read it and such.

I have printed a few physical copies, and you may probably find them around your favourite Leicester hangouts. Otherwise, just ask me next time we meet in person.

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