Emergency! at the Y

emergencyThis Sunday, 5pm, I’ll be performing along three other wonderful up-and-coming artists at The Y theatre. Dori Kirchmair, Rose Hale, Lindsey Warnes and myself will each have a slot doing our best in comedy, theatre and spoken word. I’ll be opening up with storytelling and audiovisuals. It’s my first time ever performing in Britain, so I would lie if I said I wasn’t nervous! Anyway, here’s the description:

What happens when you find yourself in a situation out of the ordinary? Out of your definition of ordinary? The stories in Comfort Zoned are about people who discover there is more to life than what they used to know and embrace. Terrifying, thrilling, leading to improvement or disappointment, but never back to where they were before. Having a celebrity infatuation way beyond your teenage years, wearing an item of clothing society deems inappropriate on people like you, finding out that your hateful beliefs won’t take you to heaven, going on a neon adventure during working hours, or just hula-hooping your way through bureaucracy hell to make your British dream come true.

This is Cynthia Rodríguez’ debut performance in the United Kingdom, and the first one in over five years. Cynthia is primarily a writer, regularly involved in literature and film, now returning to the stage as a storyteller and taking herself out of the comfort zone just like her characters. Back in Mexico, she was involved in the first Writing Jam in her hometown and several public readings.

So yeah. Come and see me perform Comfort Zoned and get ready to be enraptured. *cringe*

Emergency! at the Y. Sunday 4th of October, 5pm, pay what you decide.

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