NEW GIG: Find the Right Words Poetry Podcast

While measures continue to control the spread of COVID-19, Find the Right Words has continued its majestic labour of sharing poetry love in Leicester (and now beyond!) as a poetry podcast. I coheadlined the September issue with Emily Harrison (I can’t sleep ‘cause my bed’s on fire).

Cynthia, a mid-fat light brown person with curly brown hair and black-rim glasses, stands on a stage behind a microphone stand holding an open notebook in her hands. She wears a green polka dot dress, a red and gold flowery scarf, a bracelet and a red cardigan. Some blue fairy lights and the letters "FTRW" can be seen on the background.
Dang, I miss this stage. Image: probably Dave Morris, ca. 2016.

It all feels very homecoming. It was in September 2015 that I began writing and sharing poetry at a Find the Right Words evening headlined by Jemima Foxtrot and the now stratospherically famous (and very well deserved) Inua Ellams, who hosted the pre-open mic workshop. The headliners, open mic-ers, audience, and above all FTRW hosts Jess Green and (until a couple of years ago) Toby Campion, were so open and nonjudgemental, I kept coming every month give or take.

Cynthia, a mid-fat light brown person with curly brown hair and black-rim glasses, stands on a stage holding a microphone on a stand on her right hand and a couple of A4 sheets of paper on her left hand. She wears a white dress with blue and red flowers, circles and stripes. Some blue fairy lights can be seen on the black curtain background.
Babby’s first poetry open mic, Find the Right Words on 30th September 2015. Little did I know what’d come next! Image: probably Dave Morris?

Here I have made so many lovely friends, met some of the most mindblowing performers in the country and the WORLD, and have kept evolving and learning through the years. During so many periods of chaos, FTRW has remained the anchor.

Since lockdown, the event has been taking place as a podcast, available on Patreon for a fraction of the price you would spend on a ticket for the live version Upstairs at the Western. It’s very special, and you should definitely subscribe and help keep it alive in this form at least until we can safely go back to the stage and hang out with these four big letters.

Upstairs at the Western stage and curtains under a blue light. A microphone stand in the middle. Behind the mic, large wood versions of the letters "F" "T" "R" and "W" for "Find the Right Words" stand one next to the other, the "T" resting diagonally on the "F".
Four Big Letters for Find the Right Words. Image: FTRW.

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