Meanwhile, the newsletter

Hey, a couple of news:

I won’t be posting updates on this blog anymore.

Instead, I will be posting them in newsletter form, so they can reach y’all much easier and you don’t have to keep coming over here to read some dribble. You’ll get your dribble delivered to your inbox instead. 🙂

Meanwhile, the newsletter: notes from the in-between, will contain reflections about living in the border between nationalities, genders, bodies, minds, rites of passage. Basically, the topics that inspired the creation of Meanwhile, my upcoming debut poetry collection. This newsletter will also include some Behind the Scenes, news about upcoming gigs whenever/wherever they happen, and I might include some work in progress – the latter behind a paywall because a curl’s gotta eat.

For this, I will be using Substack, which is a bit like Medium, Mailchimp and Patreon combined, but a lot easier to manage and access for writers and readers alike. I already follow a bunch of my fave authors and journos, and it’s kind of special to read about their musings, creations and research. It’s like they’re penpals with the world.

I’m also editing this website to make it a bit easier to access, more like a landing page with resources and links to recent relevant pages, so be mindful that this will look a bit messy for a while.

So yeah. Subscribe subscribe subscribe!

(publishing such big update on a Saturday night because we like to party)

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