Nottingham Green Hustle and a poetry video

Writing this right after my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Feeling exhilirated and joyful at the moment. Still aware the storm isn’t gone yet and I need to wait some time for the defenses to get properly strong, but feeling really happy and getting ready to do more things at my own pace, honouring and fighting like heck for those we’ve lost and those who have – barely – survived. My husband and my closest friend in town are almost immunoready, and my parents in Mexico are getting their second shot on Friday. Can’t wait to see my people and hug them.

Picture of Cynthia, fat brown latinx with medium-lenght wavy brown hair, wearing a medical face mask, a black jacket, a purple and blue scarf and a blue t-shirt dress. She's joyfully looking at the camera, holding a COVID-19 vaccine card showing she is fully vaccinated now.
So excited.

On 5th June 2021, I’ll be performing on stage for the first time in about 15 months with Gobs Collective in Nottingham at Green Hustle. It’ll be outdoors, Sneinton Market, so we are still keeping it safe and airy for those not fully innoculated. I’d still love to see you. I think my group performs 12pm, so you can do some shopping, watch us read our stuff and maybe hang out at a healthy distance. Dang, I’ve missed y’all.

lineup from Green Hustle, including Gobs poetry
Full lineup for Green Hustle. More info here.

In the meantime, here is a video I made for Gobs too, at our film and performance poetry showcase, premiered online 26th March and on Notts TV 11th May. Now it’s available on this website and on my Fediverse.TV channel.

It’s called “To the Languages Within Us” and it’s an example of what I’m veering towards with my art at the moment. Trying to tap into a deeper, more abundant source from within that feeds from and feeds back into a more communal, universal truth while staying real to myself. I used royalty-free footage from Pexels Video, Videvo and Pixabay, edited the video on Pinnacle Studio 24 and recorded the words and effect on Audacity.

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