NEW EBOOK EDITION of Meanwhile (2020), my debut poetry collection, OUT NOW

Happy National Poetry Day!

The theme this year is “choice”. Particularly, “why did you choose poetry?”

I didn’t choose poetry. Poetry chose me, and I chose to follow suit. A surprising, rewarding, visceral, intriguing, playful and mindful path I have been proud to take these few years.

It started as an invitation into poetry and on-stage spoken word, and after we chose each other, more bifurcations and choices came my way. The possibilities of multidisciplinary practices – music, performance, video art -, embodied approaches, trial-and-error paths to transformation and freedom. 

The form and its many forms, came and grabbed me, and I chose to grab them back, as many and as few as possible.

I could have said “no” to it, but I didn’t. I chose to follow it with my senses, my heart, my mind, and eventually, my body and its awareness.

It’s very precious to be free to choose, and to choose, in turn, to be free. Poetry is one of the most beautiful ways I have chosen to be free.

Cover for the book Meanwhile, by Cynthia Rodríguez. Its background is a collage in red, with the title and author's name in white letters on a green backdrop.

Anyway, to celebrate this date, and the almost one-year anniversary of Meanwhile, my debut poetry collection with Burning Eye Books, I am very happy to inform y’all I have now released it into an eBook format. 

A bit cheaper, as light as digital can be, more accessible and available to buy immediately, worldwide, straight into your devices.

Yes, I may have chosen to go for a certain seller and format, but it’s because it was the most accessible and international I could find, the one that can reach more people directly and generate a larger impact. You can also rent it for free and share it around with your friends!

Anyway, you can buy it here at very nice prices and from anywhere such as the UK, USA, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Brazil, etc.

I choose to rest now I’ve done my marketing bit.

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