Picture by David Wilson Clarke.
Writer and performer constantly experimenting with the possibilities of spoken word. International, intersectional and interdisciplinary. Aiming to use poetry to convey everyday realities that may remain untold in media; particularly about feminist and queer issues, cultural and countercultural shock, mental health and self-preservation.

Based in Leicester, frequenter of open mic events in and out of the city. Heavily involved in collective events such as Anerki and House of Verse. Proud Mouthy Poets alumna, trying to get around the East Midlands and beyond.

Published on zines such as Mouthy Poets Queer Zine and Black Flamingo edited by Dean Atta (the latter in collaborations with Tate Britain) and the anti-xenophobia Do Something edited by Selina Lock. Two poems included in Welcome to Leicester, anthology edited by Emma Lee and Ambrose Musiyiwa for Dahlia Publishing.

Singer and songwriter in queer noise girl band ANATOMY with Adrienne Jones, Emily Rose Teece and Leonie DuBarry-Gurr. Currently working in several projects involving poetry, music and visual arts. Her instruments of choice are her scatterbrains, her limited vocal range and her loop and FX pedals.

Co-founder and host at INTRSKTR, Leicester’s first intersectional feminist open mic, showcasing the talents of members of the LGBT+ community and People of Colour.

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