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Bentfest talks

Next week, Bentfest will host a series of talks on their Instagram Live if you want to tune in. The queer punk London festival will host a few of us at 6pm BST: Monday, 18th May, Kirsty Fife zine reading and discussion of class, DIY politics, academia and more. Tuesday, 19th May, Sop will talk […]

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Alone Together. Ep 2: Arboretum

Adrian B. Earle (ThinkWriteFly) is one of the most active creators and promoters of poetry in the Midlands. VerseFirst is his multimedia portal in which through podcasts and videos he showcases voices from fellow poets across the region. His latest podcast, Alone Together, is a very interesting project merging words and sounds in small, reflective […]

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Manchester Punk Festival

Punk is not just three chords, spiky hair and badly sewn black patches. Punk, above all, is ethos. Out and loud, no middle men, making it work with what you’ve got against a mainstream current that gives advantage to oppressors. Honesty, no fucks given, actual free speech, in unity and solidarity with those who get […]

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Ugly Music by Ugly Fem/mes

Bringing a semi-recycled two-week old Facebook rant-ish into the wild. Last week, Gemma Wicks and I had a meeting with Kristy Diaz (Nasty Women, Track 7) and she brought up a similar comment. About how even in the experimental, radical, queer-friendly circles of music, arts, and media, beauty stereotypes were still perpetuated and conventionally attractive […]

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Reporte UK: The Mirror Trap

[:en]THE-MIRROR-TRAPAs with every other Monday, last week I shared my latest British music findings with La Pop Life. This Mexican-based website is heavily invested in broadcasting acts and events from around the world; and they have representatives across Latin America, Europe and the USA. I just saw Placebo play live at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, and enjoyed the opening band so much that I had to spread the love. They are called The Mirror Trap, and here is a translation of my report about them. [Click on title to read more…]

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Reporte UK: Zun Zun Egui

[:en][caption id="attachment_2747" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Zun Zun Egui, Leicester, The Musician, 11 March 2015 Zun Zun Egui, Leicester, The Musician, 11 March 2015.[/caption]Last Wednesday, we went to The Musician to see Zun Zun Egui. I had written about them as part of a Reporte UK for La Pop Life a few months ago, and I was more than excited to see them. [Click on title to read more…]

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Reporte UK: Lusts

[:en]LUSTSAs you may know, I collaborate for La Pop Life, a Mexican website on popular music and everything about it. They have weekly sections or “international reports” where different people in different countries share their latest findings and events. My turn with Reporte UK is once a fortnight, and I share the space with the magnificent Samuel Valdés from Sloucher. [Click on title to read more…]

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Reporte UK: ist

istAs you may know, every other week I write for La Pop Life recommending some project or event from the United Kingdom. The UK Report (Reporte UK), as it’s formally known, is written by me one week, by Samuel Valdés from Sloucher another week. Sam used to live in Sheffield and I live in Leicester, so each one of us has had the opportunity of meeting local and national bands, attend their gigs and share the findings with you. [Click on title to read more…]

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The Damned en Leicester

El martes fuimos a la Universidad de Leicester y recibimos una cátedra intensiva de punk, sociología, teatro y verdadera contracultura. Los maestros, con casi cuatro décadas de experiencia, vinieron desde Londres para dar todo de sí a sus alumnos, con sangre, sudor y mocos.La Sociedad de Estudiantes fue sede de tan maravillosa experiencia. En la sala de conciertos, mejor conocida como O2 Academy Leicester, se presentaron los legendarios The Damned. Técnicamente, el primer grupo de punk en haber lanzado disco en el Reino Unido. En lugar de estancarse en la autodestrucción y la muerte, siguieron regenerándose hasta límites insospechables. El vocalista Dave Vanian logró moldearse a sí mismo a imagen y semejanza de Vincent Price. Mientras tanto, el guitarrista Captain Sensible hizo su proyecto solista de punk para niños y su propio partido político. [Click on title to read more…]

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Cynthia Escribe en Octubre

Este mes ha sido un descalabro económico, pero también ha estado lleno de gratas sorpresas. Un intercambio de ropa talla extra en Sheffield, un homenaje a Flimsy the Kitten, y la oportunidad de vivir y revivir algunos recuerdos relacionados con Nicaragua. Tal ha sido mi zangoloteo, que he olvidado compartirles algunos textos que realicé este mes por aquí y por allá. Más que nada, estas serán recomendaciones musicales.[caption id="attachment_1575" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Rainy Milo Rainy Milo[/caption] [Click on title to read more…]