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Buena Vida Presenta: First Crush

[:en]Buena Vida Presenta First CrushAbout five years ago, I wrote a short story in Spanish and turned it into a zine. It was the first in a series called Buena Vida Presenta, in which I was meant to live my fantasy and write as a career and as the only thing to do in life. A good life indeed. The story was called Santa Belleza, and it was about the way a struggling family of Mexicans in Los Angeles prayed to their favourite film star to cure their child from a terminal disease. Spoiler alert: it sort of worked. [Click on title to read more…]

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Richard III: Funeral for a King

[:en]Richard III facial reconstructionIf you live in Leicester, you now know this story by heart: king dies in battle, king’s body goes missing, king’s body is found several centuries later — of all places — underneath a car park. Regardless on your views towards the king’s possible behaviour in his lifetime, monarchy in general, and the whole concept of life, death and the afterlife, the reburial of Richard III was a big event and a unique opportunity for all of us. We were witnessing history, and we had seen it unfold for the past 18 months almost like a motion picture. Someone found something: was it? Wasn’t it? It was, and now it was our turn to say goodbye and send that something back underground but with a much nicer setting above. [Click on title to read more…]

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William Trevor – The Dressmaker’s Child

[:en]william trevor - the dressmakers childI found this William Trevor Pocket Penguin at a charity shop in Leicester City Centre. [Click on title to read more…]

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Transindia: A Documentary

[:en]Transindia, by Meera DarjiMeera Darji wants to make a documentary about the hijras, the term used in South Asia for people who don’t consider themselves men nor women but contain features of both genders. Usually assigned male at birth, hijras have effeminate traits and present themselves in femme outfits. In Indian culture, they are/were seen as holy human representations of Ardhanari, the composite of Lord Siva and his partner Parvati. Blessed by Rama in the Ramayana, they to go to weddings, childbirth and celebrations to dance and bring fortune and fertility. They were featured in the Kama Sutra, although a vast percentage of them renounce to sexuality and channel their sexual energy into other sacred activities. [Click on title to read more…]

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Una lectora del tarot me dijo que me pintara el cabello naranja

Quienes me conocen sabrán que, durante los últimos meses, he estado en una contienda interminable para blanquear mi cabello hasta que quede rubio claro y, más recientemente, teñirlo en tonos platinados. En una vida bloguera pasada, escribí extensamente al respecto e incluí unos cuantos modelos a seguir y ejemplo de gente de maravilloso cabello rubio oxigenado. Tengan en cuenta que no muchas imágenes en dicho blog funcionan ya porque se mudó a otra cuenta y los medios se perdieron para siempre.Bueno, aquel entonces estaba jugando con una máquina de cambio de look para imaginar cómo me vería con cabello rubio. Eso sólo confirmó mi deseo de oxigenarme.  [Click on title to read more…]

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Inter Faith Week at Highcross LeicesterInter Faith Week at Highcross Leicester

interfaithweek2013We might have lost the bid for 2017 City of Culture, but we can’t deny that Leicester contains a vast variety of cultures, traditions and beliefs, all within the same city limits and beyond. Thus, the Leicester Council of Faiths – in association with St Philip’s Centre, the Church Urban Fund’s Near Neighbours programme and the Semaine de Rencontres Islamo-Chrétiennes – has taken advantage of this week of ups and downs and organised the fifth edition of the Inter Faith Week in Leicester and Leicestershire. [Click on title to read more…]