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The World Imposter Club

Times have not been swag at all. Not cool. Not coral. Not tubular or whatever kids say today. Between still hurting from a film fallout, being played like a violin twice by a large corporation which promised to employ me, a fresh medical diagnosis I have no idea how to control, and the illness and […]

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The Flying Shoes

I used to volunteer at the Oxfam near my house. A few years ago, I was mostly operating on the till, greeting people, charging them for their acquisitions, sorting out refunds, or simply establishing conversation with good neighbours while enjoying our limited playlist. Haven’t seen it to this day, but the Dirty Dancing soundtrack gave me so […]

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Incubate Leicester

Incubate LeicesterOne of the perils of being a freelancer is finding the perfect workplace. Your home is nice and cosy, but it can get pretty lonely. The café or pub is friendly and crowded, but you can’t always afford eating out or having a cuppa. Plus, things may get hella distracting if you end up developing a crush on the barista – as you do. [Click on title to read more…]

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Let’s Talk Christmas Roadshow at Friendly Friday

Traducción próximamente.Friendly Friday has been around for a while helping to create connections between sole traders and small enterprises, sharing vital information and making networking happen. Thanks to them, many of us have made friends and acquaintances who eventually become clients and customers.On Friday, for their most recent edition, they organised a Christmas Roadshow instead of the usual meeting. Businesses and organisations offered their services at stalls all over Just the Tonic, the comedy club that has been renting its installations to Beckie Sanderson from Engage Multimedia (the mastermind of Friendly Friday) for the past few meetings. [Click on title to read more…]

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Music to listen at workMúsica para escuchar en el trabajo

They say music soothes the savage beast, and there ain’t more fearsome beasts than working beasts. For you and us, I bring a few recommendations for music to listen at work. I warn you, this is what I listen to, and if your personal tastes are different, feel free to listen to other things.

Favourite Artists

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