La serpiente madre

He estado leyendo sobre la Rueda Medicinal Andina, mejor conocida como La Chakana. Citando al colectivo Nativo América de K’ari Otorongo: Las ruedas medicinales o de la vida, son herramientas milenarias que los pueblos o naciones indígenas u originarias han ideado para la compresión y relación con el cosmos. Son un gran legado universal de …

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FREE training in Body Consciousness with Lea Kaufman

For the past few months, some people have noticed a gradual change in my demeanour and attitude. Perhaps a more relaxed one, less negative, maybe a bit more mature and slightly less online (still love my memes tho). My mum, in particular, has noticed that I have finally kind of sort of grown up. Even …

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a drawing of a very dignified deer with antlers and a crown of large red flowers, vegetation and peacock feathers

It means “people of this Earth”

what I am the most is tired. Tired of reductionism, of pity, of milk of sorrow and separation from the Earth, of detachment from the surrounding and inner cosmos. Tired of a blind denial of the unknown, of pseudo-intellectual and social enlightenment leading to darkness. Tired of edgy postures and their thousand paper cuts. Of persistent trauma and drama, underlined so many times the original words have long ago faded and only liquid see-through highlighter remains. Of placing more stones on my chest rather than digging my way out. Digging my way through.

cover of Good Night Out Vancouver's zine, made collage style, with a Black and White picture of a brown skinhead with a mohawk

Published on… Good Night Out Vancouver zine

Good Night Out Vancouver just released a zine about nightlife and safety from the perspective of Black, Indigenous and other People of Colour. It’s a wonderful collection of anecdotes and images, poetry, essays, thoughts, ideas. It’s available on print and digital, sliding scale prices. One of my poems, “Ottoman”, was published on this zine.

Leics LGBT Centre Youth poetry contest winners

(featured image: Unsplash) The lovely folks from Leicester LGBT Centre invited me to judge their latest poetry contest for members of their social youth groups First Out (13-15 yrs), T Party (13-18 yrs trans kids) and Jump (16-18). The topic was Pride, Progress & Change, inspired by work by Dean Atta and Musa Okwonga as …

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