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The In-Between: Good things come to those who waitThe In-Between: El que espera desespera

theinbetween-coverDuring the last days of 2013, Gary Korisko from Reboot Authentic released a time sensitive contest to all his mailing list. He had a few e-copies of The In-Between by Jeff Goins to give away. The In-Between was one of the most viral works of non-fiction that year. It seemed uplifting and motivational, but without the whole do-this-now, steroid-ridden, Tony Robbins hypocrite buggery you tend to see in motivational works. In fact, it proposed the exactly opposite: do nothing. If you’re waiting for something to happen and that resolution is out of your jurisdiction, don’t do anything about it. Get distracted with something else in the meantime. By the time that special thing comes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised; but if you look back to the ways you enjoyed yourself until your next big move, you’ll be proud to notice you weren’t a princess locked in a castle exclusively daydreaming about knights in shining armour. [Click on title to read more…]

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Plus London Three: Community Day

Durante los últimos dos días, les he contado acerca del primer día de Plus London Three: marcas y chiqueo de día, baile y jugueteo de noche. El domingo fue más corto, pero NO menos disfrutable. De hecho, mientras Brand Day nos acercó a todas, Community Day nos juntó más cerca.Mel y yo nos perdimos después de que se nos salió el ombligo en The Diner. Si están en SoHo, tienen que arrastrarse hasta allá, tragarse una malteada y devorarse un buen desayuno americano. Háganlo por su madre, por su abuela, por su perro, por su país, pero háganlo. [Click on title to read more…]