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Times have not been swag at all. Not cool. Not coral. Not tubular or whatever kids say today. Between still hurting from a film fallout, being played like a violin twice by a large corporation which promised to employ me, a fresh medical diagnosis I have no idea how to control, and the illness and […]

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Lust LP

Written at the Perfume and Poetry workshop at Lush as part of Everybody’s Reading Festival, later performed at Find the Right Words. Based on Lust by Gorilla Perfume. Just because someone won’t touch you — someone who really likes you — never assume that no one else will, never assume that the world ain’t your oyster. […]

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Transindia: A Documentary

[:en]Transindia, by Meera DarjiMeera Darji wants to make a documentary about the hijras, the term used in South Asia for people who don’t consider themselves men nor women but contain features of both genders. Usually assigned male at birth, hijras have effeminate traits and present themselves in femme outfits. In Indian culture, they are/were seen as holy human representations of Ardhanari, the composite of Lord Siva and his partner Parvati. Blessed by Rama in the Ramayana, they to go to weddings, childbirth and celebrations to dance and bring fortune and fertility. They were featured in the Kama Sutra, although a vast percentage of them renounce to sexuality and channel their sexual energy into other sacred activities. [Click on title to read more…]

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ANUNCIO ESPECIAL: Febrero en Monterrey

Estoy muy contenta de presumirles que pasaré todo febrero en mi hermosa ciudad natal de Monterrey, al norte de México.


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Hard Femme #2 – Skirt CyclistHard Femme #2 – Ciclista en Falda

Here’s a little something I wrote a few months ago for the second edition of Kirsty Fife’s Hard Femme zine. You still need to get it because it’s full of compelling musings about her life as a broke, queer, fat, tough and feminine chick.[caption id="attachment_2739" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Copies of Hard Femme 2, available for sale. Photo: Kirsty Fife. Copies of Hard Femme 2, available for sale. Photo: Kirsty Fife.[/caption] [Click on title to read more…]

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Bienvenidos al Fin del Mundo (¿o al Fin de los Pubs?)The World’s End (or The Pub’s End?)

This opinion article was originally published on the December 2013 / January 2014 edition of The Leicester Drinker, The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch. It was inspired both by the latest pub closures and the film The World’s End.leicesterdrinkerdecjan1314 [Click on title to read more…]

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Una Historia de Nicaragua

Nunca he ido a Nicaragua, y aunque el destino me dijera lo contrario, nunca supe que tendría tanta conexión con él.Llevé los últimos dos años y medio de educación primaria en un pequeño colegio Montessori. Habíamos pocos alumnos, así que nos ponían en diferentes grados en cada salón. Los de maternal y kinder en uno, los de primero a tercero de primaria en otro, y los de cuarto a sexto en otro. Medio año estuve con cinco niños de cuarto, quinto y sexto, luego un año con un niño de cuarto y otro de sexto, y al final estuve sólo con dos niños de cuarto. Éramos muy independientes y estudiábamos nuestras materias por nuestra cuenta y a nuestro propio ritmo, pero nos llevábamos bien y platicábamos mientras compartíamos el lonche. A veces nos visitaban los pocos niños de los primeros tres años de primaria, o íbamos a ayudar a los niños de kinder. [Click on title to read more…]